Producer Profile


Ramu is a Kannada producer and distributor. He has thus far produced more than 30 films under his Ramu Enterprises banner, out of which almost all are released.. Ramu is fondly called Koti Ramu for his penchant for producing lavish action films. He is married to actress Malashri.

Kannnada film producer Ramu, whose films are always enjoyed a specialized rating among the film goers before their release. The reasons are not far seek. Ramu in known for putting his best efforts for making the film and his passionate zeal to make an outstanding film has always provided results in the box office. In short, Ramu has always made films for public who puts in their hard earned money to get a fair dose of entertainment. Ramu started his film career as a film distributor, but later become one of the most popular top line producer to a passionate professional involved in making lavish and gloriously mounted films. Today Ramu is known throughout the Indian film industry as the most daring and committed producer who never compromises in his quest for making quality films. Ramu’s films have won many prestigious awards including the Karnataka state government award. Ramu’s films are well publicized throughout the state, and he has also become an example for the highly mounted publicity for all his films. A massive publicity campaign and its wide ranging exposure throughout the state mean that the product which is advertised is seen across throughout the state. Ramu makes conscious efforts to make his film visible through various publicity channels like outdoor publicity, banner, sticker and cut out publicity in the periphery of the theatres screening his film and a high voltage media publicity which generates a huge level of curiosity for the film. The satellite channels and the doordarshan will be telecasting the songs and a few important sequences of the film throughout the film’s running in the state. Also a spate of interviews involving the artists and technicians will also be beamed in the channels which also offer wide scope for the film’s popularity. Ramu has always made efforts to feature the sponsored brand in innovative ways in the film’s publicity.

Even the audio of the film will have inlays which promote your product and the film’s posters and banners will have a good space for the product promotion. Ramu has always made efforts to feature the sponsored brand in innovative ways in the film’s publicity.

Ramu has distributed up to 150 films in all languages, he has produced up to 35 films. Next coming attraction is malashri starrer GANGA & MUMBAI. Next Productions are Shivarajkumar Starrer SIMHA, Darshan starrer BHEEMA, Malashri starrer MANDYADA HENNU.